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Fathers Day Free Shipping Over $40


    If you have any questions that aren't address here, please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page


    Q. What happens if my order arrives damaged or misprinted?

    A. Immediately take at least one photo and contact us via email.  If your product arrives damaged or misprinted (misprinted due to error on our side) then we will send you a new order.  Once you receive your new order your are then free to keep or dispose of your original order at your discretion. 


    Q. How long does it take to get my order?  

    A. There will be ~2 business days of processing and production time for your order.  Average shipping durations are 2-5 days. 


    Q. Where does my jewelry come from?

    A. All of our products are proudly made in the USA!  Specifically, in New Jersey. 


    Q. What will my order process look like?

    A. After you make a purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will let you know the order was processed successfully.  Your order will process through our system in 6-18 hours before going into production.  Your product will be complete within 1-2 business days (doesn’t include weekends) and then you will receive an email with tracking number for your order.  Average shipping times in the USA is 2-5 days.


    Q. If I end up not liking my order, can I return it?

    A. Since every order is individually produced for you, we do not accept returns at this time. 


    Q. Can I get my jewelry wet?

    A. It's fine to get our jewelry wet! Wear it in the shower or while swimming, just make sure to dry it afterwards!


    Q. How do I clean my jewelry?

    A. If the item becomes dirty or tarnishes in some way, clean it using plain soap and water - drying with a soft cloth.


    Q. How should I store my jewelry?

    A. Before storing the item, make sure it's fully dry and is not stored in a moist environment.  When storing, avoid storing it mixed amongst other jewelry, as the tarnish on those pieces may spread and damage the item.


    Q. Can I get chemicals on my jewelry?

    A. While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals (including cleaning agents), and avoid wearing in environments where the item may be knocked and damaged. 


    Q. I'm allergic to Nickel, can I still wear this jewelry?

    A. Our jewelry is made with 316L stainless steel which is low reaction, with minimum nickel content. Customers sensitive to nickel can pick a product that's finished with 14K or 18K Gold, as these don't react.